This Image course was part of a membership site for a year or so, then was for sale for $29.00 for another year.

It is set to allow FREE access for everybody. Find out why at the bottom of this page.

Image use and manipulation is absolutely vital to your online marketing

See 20 Videos showing you what you need to do with images online. Please look at the details in the image below to see what subjects I cover in the course.


  • Types of Images
  • Where to Find Images
  • Image Editing Software
  • Resizing Images
  • Image SEO
  • Infographics
  • Step By Step Method

Image Sourcing and Editing training

I am Rob Anderson – A full-time marketer since the end of 2008.

This Goose art sign is an example of one of the things I am doing these days.

Why I made all this content FREE

I created 400 training videos over a 12 month period to help people make money online. The core of all the courses was originally to help people who cannot get a day job easily.

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and live with chronic pain, and for that reason focused on helping people with chronic pain find a way to work from home to help them earn a living and still cope with their health conditions.

BUT, the training will work for everybody, regardless.

Before making those 400 training videos I helped crafters online and built websites and did SEO for clients.

The making of the videos as part of my own journey to a more-recovered lifestyle and moving to Canada in 2019 has changed my life in many ways.

I decided to go back to creating crafts and doing art that I have not done since 2008 when I went online to learn how to sell my crafts.

This means that I am not going to focus 100% on helping people make money online, and I took the decision to make most of the training videos and courses for free.

All I ask is that if you like what I teach is to share it with your friends.

That will give my sites a lot of traffic and from that Google-Love and rankings. With those rankings (websites and youtube channels) I can use that power in many different ways

What do I do now?

In a lot of ways, I am like a child. I get bored easily and am always looking for a more fun activity to do next.

For that reason, I do a few different things all the time (some are just for fun and some are businesses I own.)

Business Number One.

Website building SEO and online services supplier.

I do still build websites for clients, I do SEO too and offer a wide range of services designed to help online businesses get more leads|traffic|sales.

This is very limited due to the time constraints, plus it is not as much fun to do full time anymore 🙂

Contact me at if you need to discuss options.

Please note that I work at agency level pricing, limit clients, and am blunt honest in my discussions with you.

Business Number Two

Affiliate Marketing – FREE online training

This page that you are on is very likely a free training course that was originally either part of a membership site or simply for sale as a full stand-alone course.

It is now for free for a number of reasons.

I am not marketing it full time anymore

I am doing art for 50% of my day these days.

If I make all the 400 training videos free, they will get more views, which will get my affiliate links that are in the courses more clicks and I will make some extra cash.

See a list of links below to all the free courses.

Business Number Three.

My art and craft sign business.

I make signs, make furniture do art, and more. This was something I used to do back in my South African craft market days. In Canada, it is far more viable as a business.

This is a link to my website. (no, it is seldom up to date)


Business Number Four.

Helping Crafters and Makers.

Because I have such intense online skills and can couple that with a lifetime of doing every different type of craft and flea market it makes it very easy to help others sell more of their handmade products.

I have a ton of articles.

I have a few courses for sale.

I do ONE FREE (one hour) consultation a week.

I could build your website or do your SEO for you.

The links to my crafting courses

Craft Success

Craft Research

Finding a bestseller

Original Craft Course

Woodworking business


The Image Course

Authority Website

Backlink Training

Blogging Course

Content and Silo Training

Keyword Training


Contact me – But only if you have a very good reason 🙂 –